About Us
Waferdata offers software services, software products and consultancy services to improve yield and reliability, increase manufacturing efficiency and extend the useful life of manufacturing tools. Our competitive advantage comes from a unique combination of experience, skills and values.

The extensive semiconductor manufacturing and test experience we offer was gained primarily in the UK and mainland Europe over 30 years working for a leading semiconductor manufacturer and major suppliers of equipment and software products to the semiconductor manufacture and test industries.

We have worked with software for a very long time, too. It is the enabler in data analysis, equipment control, automation and manufacturing efficiency. Bit pushing, 3D Graphics, shell scripting, object oriented, web and databases are some of the diverse software areas where we have worked.

Experience is valuable but it has to be up to date in the ever evolving semiconductor manufacture and test industries. We regularly participate in industry events and enjoy the challenges in implementing new technologies.

Big Data has the potential to transform how the semiconductor supply chain improves yield, device reliability and manufacturing efficiency. We are ready to support the semiconductor supply chain as it adopts this new technology.

We acquired Datavision, our data analysis product, several years ago and have made significant enhancements to it.

Waferdata was founded in 2003, is privately owned and based 40 miles north of London, England.

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